Silk Pillow Cases - Why is there so much hype?

Silk Pillow Cases - Why is there so much hype?

Arguably one of the most popular products that have come about in 2021 is the Silk Pillow Case! So, what’s so good about them and why are people going crazy about it? 

See below some of the benefits of having a silk pillowcase to rest your pretty little head at night. 


Your hair will love you! 

Do you tend to wake up some mornings looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge? (we’ve all been there) Your hair is frizzy, tangled and just all over the place. Having a silk pillowcase will not only prevent you from looking like a hot mess but the ultra-smooth silk will maintain your hair moisture and enhance shine whilst reducing that frizz! Pair this with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and you are good as gold.

Your face will love you! 

Having a silk pillowcase takes the saying sleeping beauty to a whole new level! Say goodbye to those notable nap lines and creases because resting your face on the silk each night will reduce this PLUS maintain natural skin hydration and natural skin oils. 

If you’re wanting to take your night time skin routine to the next level, make sure you check out our very own silk pillowcase made out of 100% Mulberry Silk