Quarantine Skincare Routine

Quarantine Skincare Routine

As the COVID-19 spreads and social distancing becomes the new norm we’re all taking steps to stay healthy, safe and sanitary. We’re entering into dark times and while we all embrace the germaphobe within and turn to hand sanitisers, antibacterial soaps, high temp water and protective masks to save us from infection now more than ever we must stay vigilant with our skincare!


Many of us have been donning surgical masks or even N95 masks as precautionary measures against the spread of viruses. However, wearing these kinds of masks for extended periods of time can cause clogged pores and breakouts. The best way to avoid this is to make sure your mask is cleaned regularly and to make sure you cleanse your skin morning and night to keep pores clean and breakouts at bay.


Dry indoor air, constant hand washing and moisture-sucking alcoholic hand sanitisers equal the perfect recipe for thirsty skin. Use a super hydrating face and body moisturiser and/or oil to replenish your tired, dehydrated skin from head to toe. You could even further pamper yourself as the boredom of self-isolation sets in with a moisturising face mask like this one.


Dry skin equals flaky skin so target problem areas like knees and elbows with a body scrub, body polish and dry body brushing to keep your skin glowing. All our body products are also infused with coconut oil


A healthy lymphatic system produces white blood cells in the lymph nodes to fight infection, and it cleans out waste via a series of lymph vessels under the skin. Self-massage can boost your immunity by stimulating the lymph nodes and helping fluid move through the vessels. One of the most effective forms of lymphatic drainage is using a crystal roller on your face while applying a face oil and dry body brushing.


Wearing makeup is another way to clog pores and cause breakouts. Take advantage of this time spent alone to forego your usual glam and replace it with an au natural glow and give your skin room to breath.