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Invigorating Mother's Day Bundle

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Treat your Mum to the perfect self-care bundle designed to restore, re-energise + invigorate the senses.

Invigorating Aroma Oil Crystal Body Roller

A concentrated blend of Pure Peppermint Essential Oil to restore, re-energise + invigorate the senses. Beautifully filled with Aventurine Crystals + Rollerball known for prosperity and confidence.

Charcoal Peppermint Salt Body Scrub

This natural formula is designed to polish away any dead skin cells and impurities leaving your skin smooth & hydrated. 
SEA SALT + COCONUT OIL  + ACTIVATED CHARCOAL  + PEPPERMINT are the ideal combination for detoxifying and invigorating your skin.

Cactus + Bamboo Body Brush

Revitalise & rejuvenate your skin with this deep cleansing exfoliating Cactus + Bamboo Body Brush. Equipped with a long handle to target hard to reach areas and dense bristles for deep exfoliation
    Invigorating Mother&