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Calming Mother's Day Bundle

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Take a moment to relax in your own home with this high-performance, mother's day spa pack. Including Lavender Body Scrub, Calming Body Roller, Lavender Body Oil & Cactus Brush. Infuse your bathroom with essential oils to calm the mind + body. 

Calming Aroma Oil Crystal Body Roller

A concentrated blend of Pure Lavender Essential Oil to relax, unwind + calm the mind + body.



Lavender Body Oil

Enriched with Certified Organic Coconut Oil and Natural Lavender Oil, this soothing blend will hydrate and relax you from head to toe. 


Lavender Body Scrub

The aromatic scent of Lavender instantly relaxes your body and mind, unwind and release your tensions. 

This natural formula is designed to polish away any dead skin cells and impurities leaving your skin smooth & hydrated. 

    Calming Mother&