Everyone NEEDS To Know This Skincare Hack

Everyone NEEDS To Know This Skincare Hack

Whether it's your day-to-day makeup routine or your prep for a Saturday night out with the girls, we all have one thing in mind - we want our makeup to last the whole time!

Enter, our Morning Sun Vitamin C Skin O'lixir. Let us explain. If you've been searching for a new beauty product to add to your cosmetics bag that not only ensures your skin is plump and hydrated all day long but also makes sure your makeup application is smoother and lasts longer, you might just want to keep reading...

YES! It's true. Not only does this natural oil brighten and hydrate your skin with its blend of bio-active botanicals, it also doubles as the perfect primer for any kind of makeup look. And who doesn't want a two-in-one product?

Morning Sun Skin O'lixir


The Benefits

1. Enriched with Vitamin C superstar Australian native Kakadu Plum to improve skin texture, increase collagen and enhance luminosity.

2. Raspberry Oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants to fight the environmental ageing effects on the skin.

3. Squalane penetrates deep into the pores to target skin at a cellular level. It combats signs of ageing, balances oil production and aids in blood circulation.

4. Grape Seed Oil is rich in Linoleic Ccid and Omega-6 Fatty Ccid that unclog stubborn pores and fight again acne. 

Ecococo How-To

Massage 4-5 drops into your skin after you've applied your skincare and before your makeup to prime and GLOW all day long! For ultimate absorption, we recommend pairing this natural oil with our Rose Quartz + Jade Crystal Roller.

Rose Quartz + Jade Crystal Roller


Follow along our step-by-step tutorial on how we use our Morning Sun Skin O'lixir as a primer for an all-day glow!